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Wells Fargo to pay U.S. $108 million over veterans' loans

"Wells Fargo made a lot of money passing off charges to the veterans that Wells Fargo was supposed

to pay itself,"  James Butler, a lawyer for the brokers, said in a statement.

Tomi Lahren Is What’s Wrong With Obamacare

When Handler asked what health plan she belonged to, Lahren responded,

“Luckily I am 24 so I am still on my parents’…” Cue sarcastic laughter from the crowd.

Congress Promises The World To Charlie Gard While Ignoring Thousands Of Veterans Dying Under Their Care

The personal tragedy of the Gard family and their dying baby elicited a spectacle of hypocrisy and grandstanding from Rome to DC.

‘It was him or me’: Georgia mother shoots home invader while defending her children

“I thank God it played out the way it did. I hate that someone had to lose their life,

but he shouldn’t have come and brought his ass in my house, excuse my language,” Green said.

Firearm Registration + Bureaucratic Incompetence = Seizure of Innocent Veteran’s Guns in New York

It had all the makings of a dystopian political thriller. Sheriff’s deputies unexpectedly descend onto the property of a law-abiding 70-year-old Vietnam veteran and insist they have a writ to seize his firearms. The document, however, is obviously flawed. Different Social Security numbers appear in different places. The man knows he’s never been in trouble with the law. And he had certainly never appeared before a judge on the issue of his firearm ownership. When he tries to point out the obvious mistake, he is ignored. All the police want to know is where his guns are.

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